Power Flushing

Is your heating system experiencing any of these problems?

Power Flushing

Over time your central heating system accumulates deposits of rust and debris which can cause the following:

  • Constant need to bleed radiators - due to hydrogen gases (by product of rust)
  • Radiators cold at the bottom - due to black sludge (rust)
  • Radiators totally cold - due to blocked valves and pipes
  • Restricted hot water - due to blocked heat exchanger or cylinder
  • No circulation - due to blocked pump or pipes
  • Banging noises in the boiler - due to sludge build up

Power Flushing could be the solution

How does it work?

The powerflush machine is a powerfull pump which is connected to your central heating system via a radiator, temporarily becoming a part of it.The dirty water is pumped away to a drain and fresh water enters the system and is pumped around until it runs clear. Then a cleaning chemical is introduced to break down the blockages and rust deposits, freeing them from the system. Each radiator is cleaned separately to ensure all sludge is removed. The sludgy water is then removed and fresh water introduced until the water runs clear and the system is entirely free from rust sludge and debris. Finally the powerflush is removed and a corrosion inhibitor is added to prevent future rusting and corrosion. A noise reducer is added if required.

The Benefits

  • Hot radiators
  • More efficient hot water
  • More efficient central heating
  • Protection against rust and corrosion
  • Potentially lower fuel bills
  • Longer life for your central heating system

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