Full Manufacturer Boiler Service. 

Fully qualified, certified Gas Safe engineer & and an excellent plumber will fix any issue with heating or plumbing, 5 stars service guaranteed. 

Our gas engineer performs a full gas boiler service, not only 12 safety checks, but also replacing the worn off parts. 

It is important to service your boiler annually to maintain its efficient performance & to avoid an unexpected failure, faulty boiler is a risk to health & safety.


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You can check our official registration following the link to the official Gas Safe Register.

Have you had your boiler service in the last 12 months? 

Gas boilers are used daily delivering heating and hot water to the domestic households and business premises. Daily used machinery should get manufacture maintenance annually.

The reasons you should service your boiler.

1. Save money on a gas bill.

Efficient gas boiler uses less gas than an unmaintained boiler, thus saving money on the energy bill. How much gas a particular gas boiler uses depends on its type and age, but by improving its efficiency you are saving money in a long run.

2. Identify the problem early & prevent break downs.

Small issue that go unnoticed or unattended may get worse and lead to a sudden break down. Repairing a gas boiler is more expensive than servicing it and catching issues at the early stages.

3. Avoid a distressed purchase replacing a boiler.

Buying a new boiler is even more costly than repairing it. Making such crucial appliance in distressed state & environment (if you are a household) robs you of the opportunity to choose the best type of contemporary boilers specified for your house and needs. And time pressure makes it harder to find the best deal available at the market.

4. Stay safe around gas.

Malfunctioning boilers can be dangerous, creating a hazard of carbon monoxide poisoning or fire. Stay safe around gas, ensure that all the necessary safety checks are carried out at least once every 12 months on each of your gas appliances. It includes natural gas and LPG fuelled appliances. 

5. Validate your gas boiler warranty.

Annual boiler service is a common condition of a boiler’s warranty. If you missed a service and it broke down, warranty wouldn’t cover the break down & the cost of a repair will be on you, in that case.

6.  Meet the insurance requirements.

Check with your insurance if your cover stipulates an annual boiler service.

Avoid future malfunctions and costly repairs – service your gas boiler.

You can call or leave a an SMS or WhatsApp message on this number

07455 107 724

Why choose us.

1. Always book a Gas safety Registered engineer.

Green Star gas engineers are up-to-date licensed & fully qualified to mend, maintain and install gas equipment in domestic and commercial buildings. 

2. Skilled & experienced gas engineer.

Our gas engineers have over 15 years of experience working heating systems & honed their knowledge and expertise to a great level. Taking into account our hourly rates, booking a service with Green Star is a  great value for money.

3. Fair pricing.

We price competitively, we do not mark up the prices on the parts & we do not charge VAT on labour. Check our hourly rates here.

4. Written report is emailed after any job is done.

We keep up to a high standards of customer service. After any job is done, we issue a written report on what was done and why with photos. Green Star gas engineers are also licensed to issue Gas Safety Certificate, all docs that are issued by us are legally valid & correctly filled out.

5. Easy booking.

You can book on-line in our calendar, call us or write a message, or fill out the form on our website. We will come back to you as soon as possible. If you called and our engineer was busy at the job, don’t worry, we will call you back. 

We are taking into account needs of vulnerable adults and trying to ease the difficulties they may have arranging a booking and getting a service for their heating system at their house. We will do what is necessary to minimise the potential stress that entails a gas engineer’s visit.

What is happening during a boiler service.

Time that takes to service a gas boiler depends on the boiler type and its age. Approximately it takes between half an hour and an hour if no major faults are not discovered.

  1. Visual inspection.

  2.  Removal of the boiler casing.

  3. Flue check.

  4. Gas pressure check.

  5. Boiler fired up.

  6. Fair price and quality service.