Commercial Gas Catering Equipment, service & maintenance.

Service your key business assets, be it the gas cookers, ovens, hobs, mobile gas device in the catering van or a boiler, & save money on your gas bill by ensuring efficiency & safety of your commercial gas appliances with GreenStar gas safe registered engineers in Colchester and surrounding areas, in Essex.

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Take care of your key business assets!

Service & maintain your cooker and save money on your gas bill!

If you are putting back to use a gas machine after the lockdown periods make sure it is serviced & maintained correctly by a qualified gas safe registered engineer.

We can help you with servicing, maintaining and issuing gas safety certificates for any commercial gas catering equipment to show an EHO inspector the ongoing maintenance of your gas appliances, weather those are:

  • gas hobs,

  • range cookers,

  • fat & pressure fryers,

  • ovens,

  • instant water heater, 

  • pressure/expansion boilers,

  • forced draught burners.

Our fully qualified certified and experienced gas engineers will perform a full manufacturer service and ensure the safety & efficiency of your cookers in Colchester and surrounding areas.

Or gas engineers are fully qualified and gas safe registered to work with LPG and Natural Gas. We cover Colchester and surrounding areas in Essex, UK.


Save money on your commercial gas bill!

Since the price of gas has gone up, business owners and managers have to find a way to compensate the increased business running costs. One of the way to do it is to arrange a maintenance service of your key business gas devices. Ensure the efficiency of your gas appliance, the way your gas appliance burns gas has a direct impact on your gas bill, it's a savvy and sustainable way to reduce one of the business expense. 

The way your commercial gas equipment operates has a direct impact on the operation of your business. Ensure safety of your business avoiding explosions, carbon monoxide leaks & distressed unexpected purchase paired with a lost revenue during the installation of a new commercial gas appliance. 

Our engineers are appropriately qualified to work with commercial type of gas & commercial catering equipment and have all needed documentation and are Gas Safe registered. 

Book an appointment with us and we will service, fix & issue Gas Safe Record of/for your commercial gas appliances, installation pipe work and flue in Colchester and its surrounding areas in Essex.

You can call or leave a an SMS or WhatsApp message on this number

 07455 107 724

Secure safety of your employees & your customers in your business premises.

Adequate service and maintenance either of your commercial gas catering equipment, must be performed to avoid a risk to health and safety around gas, such as poisoning and explosions.

Not fully burnt gas might produce potentially lethal carbon monoxide, regular maintenance by a trained and registered gas engineer helps to manage health hazards.

Our engineers can help you to fulfil your duty to maintain your gas appliances in a safe condition, to keep your stuff and your customers safe around gas and keep once mind at ease.

We will help you to sort out your legal paper work! 

Green Star appropriately qualified gas safe registered engineers can issue legal and correctly filled out Gas Safety Certificate. It is a legal obligation for owners of commercial kitchens & catering vans to have a properly filled gas safety records, keep track on recording the adequate & regular maintenance of your gas machines.

Mobile commercial catering equipment LPG.

Do you work using mobile catering unit, a van or a converted vehicle with LPG mobile catering equipment? 

We can service, fix & issue gas safety documentation for your key business gas appliance. Weather it is mobile LPG range cooker, LPG fryer or a LPG catering instant water heater, our engineers are fully skilled and have all necessary gas safety qualifications and registration to perform thorough excellent job. 

It is generally known that serving a gas appliance in time increases its efficiency and a life span. Lower your business costs by taking care of your gas range cookers, fryers and instant water heaters, maintaining them regularly. 

We can help you to manage the risk around your mobile LPG gas tanks & ensure safety around gas of your stuff, customers and the vehicle itself. Corrosive propane & butane gases wear out the rubber hoses with time, if incorrectly burnt it might produce carbon monoxide and that’s the last thing that a hard working street food caterer needs. 

You can relay on GreenStar gas engineers to do a thorough job on maintaining or fixing your key business assets & issue you an appropriate legal gas safety record, to help your business run smoother. Book an online appointment right in our calendar!