Gas Safety Certificate is also 

known as Gas Safety Record.

Green Star Gas Safe registered engineers have over seventeen years of work experience with gas equipment and issuing official accurately filled out and valid documentation on the performed gas work. Including Landlord Gas Safe Certificate. 


Check our official registration & qualifications on the official regulatory body's website Gas Safety Register by pressing the green button. 

Landlord Gas Safe Certificate.

Landlords in UK are legally obliged to perform annual safety check of the gas appliances at the rented out properties.

Using Green Star Gas Safe registered engineer you can be rest assured that the gas equipment at your property works safely and efficiently, the legally required papers on Gas Safety are in order and the duty of care is carried out. Gas Safety Record is a very detailed document that lists all the gas appliances or the flues and it's location at the premises. It has 12 point gas safety check. It also includes the address the safety check is performed at, name and the register number of the Gas engineer and the landlord's name (or a real estate agent). All the information about the possible boiler fault and the work that was performed to fix it is written down into the Gas Safety Record.

You can see the sample of the official Gas Safety Record that our engineer can issue on the image above.

However our engineers think that job should always be done properly and prefer to perform full manufacture boiler maintenance service whether the booking purpose is to obtain the Gas Safety Certificate or the boiler service itself . Firstly correctly working boiler with the right settings uses fuel efficiently, thus reducing the gas bill. Secondly well maintained boiler has a longer service life. Annual boiler service drastically decreases the likelihood of an unexpected failure and a need of repairs.  We understand the value of maintaining a business asset for landlords and business owners. Green Star emails full report on the performed job with descriptions and photos taken on the site.

Diagnostic visit fee is £60 for half an hour

Call or leave a an SMS or WhatsApp message on this number 

07455 107 724

Boiler Service.

Performing a boiler service our engineer will remove the boiler casing to check the main parts (spark/sensor probe, main injector, burner, heat exchanger).  Ensure the safe ignition. Will check on the safety device, the internal and external flues, operating pressure and heat input. Boiler parts will be cleaned if necessary. And the effective seal of the case will be secured. Boiler will be examined thoroughly for working faults. That's the basic check points carried out which on average take between 40 and 60 minutes. Please note that the time span and components of servicing does vary in correlation with different types of boilers and given boiler condition.

Our engineer will also check the gas pipes. Visually examining the pipes and tightening them where needed.

If you are not a Landlord but want to have a documentation on the gas appliance, Green Star can issue for you an official Gas Safety document after performing all the checks and if required work on your gas equipment.

Remember - only Gas Safe Registered engineers are qualified to perform the boiler maintenance and issue the official documents. Cutting corners in chase of a low price might cost you much more in a long run and even cause a danger to life.

Green Star boiler service magnet.

Green Star engineer has designed and ordered the issue of the Gas Safety Record Magnet with recorded dates of service.The magnet is to be placed on the boiler case to serve as a helpful reminder to service your boiler annually.