We work with all types of boilers & all kinds of gas. 

Our fully qualified Gas Safe engineer will advice you on which type of boiler suits you the best and 

will properly install and commission your brand new boiler.

Spread the Cost. 

Easy finance terms are available on your purchase through our finance partners, subject to status.

New boilers have increased system efficiency and can save £££ on your energy bills, Installation varies on property requirements.

£3,710 £4,210 £4,710
5 years of warranty 10 years of warranty 12 years warranty

Why use Green Star engineers?

Only a Gas Safe registered engineer can install a new boiler and work with gas equipment. Our fully qualified engineers have over fifteen years of working experience with gas appliances and boiler installation. 

There is no incentive to us to recommend you any particular brand, instead we aim to provide valuable and correct advice on what type of boiler suits you and your family the best. We guarantee a correct fitting and commissioning (get it working with the right settings) of your brand new appliance, which is crucial to ensure the maximum service life and the manufacturer guarantee validity.

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Types of gas we work with:

  • Domestic gas

  • Commercial gas

  • Catering gas

  • LPG gas

Models of boilers we maintain & install.

  • Combi  (combination)  boilers

  • Conventional  (heat only) boiler

  • System boilers

  • Condensing boiler  (every modern model of boiler is a condensing boiler).

Boiler is an essential device in every household, new boiler is an expensive purchase.  It's worth to give it a thought and seek an advice of the professional, even if you are in the situation when you just have to buy a new one because your old boiler has broke down, since it's simultaneously  expensive and essential. Our team responses on the short notice. 

The size and model of the boiler that you need is correlated with the amount of radiators in your house, amount of people living in the house and the pressure of the main water supply. Invite our engineer to inspect your house, have a discussion with you about your needs and style of life, do you hold big family gathering during holidays or maybe you are planning a house expansion/renovation.  He will help you to make a thorough assessment which model would suit you the best.

Wrong type of boiler installed in your house might demand more gas thus burn money, than you actually need. Or it might not suit your needs adequately which will cost you a lot of frustration, waiting for hot water, if the demand for hot water is higher than supply.  

Below we will list main models of boilers and their properties. 

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Combi boiler.

Also known as combination boiler is the most common type of boiler system in UK. All the working components are integrated into the boiler's body, it is compact and sleek looking. Hot water on demand almost instantaneously. 

But it's supply does have a limit and if you used it up, you have to wait for water to warm up. Combi boiler can perform only one task at the time, so if one person is taking a shower another person will not have hot water in the kitchen. This boiler system is complex and has moving parts inside the casing which increases the likelihood of issues occurring in compare with conventional boiler model. 

Conventional boiler.

Also known as Heat only boilers, it is an open-vented gas boiler system with a cold water tank and circulation pump, that requires a cold water feed & cold water tank. All those components take up space, cylinders and a pump often are placed in the loft. Hot water is stored in the separate water tank and usually has a switch, which you can flick if you know that you are going to use hot water. 

This large boiler system is the best for supplying hot water for many people at the same time. 

This type of water is less efficient than combi boiler - the water in the hot tank gradually cools down. You have to wait for hot water to heat up, and wait some more at the point when the hot tank runs out of water. If you used up all hot water on house chores you have to wait before taking a bath.

System Boiler.

Is a closed vent system with some of the components build into the boiler's body. Still it needs a hot water cylinder. System boilers are good when you need large amounts of constant hot water. No space required for the cold water tank. It is perfect to install in areas where the main water supply has low pressure.

 Yet, system boiler requires a lot of space and it's fitting costs more than basic combi boiler. It has the same issues as the conventional boiler with heat gradually escaping from the hot water tank and one has to wait for the water to heat up when the tank has run out of water.

Condensing boiler.

All modern recently produced boilers are condensing boilers. 

Condensing boilers are greener and more efficient, because they are reusing the by product heat that the boiler generates when it burns its fuel, for heating up water in your central heating system.  And it uses less heat from the burner, thus saving money in a long run reducing the gas bill. There is a lower risk that anything would get sucked into the boiler so the whole system itself is much safer.