What is powerflushing?

Powerflushing is method of cleaning the innards of the heating system: boilers, pipes and radiators from the slime and gunk that accumulates with time within the heating system impairing heating or breaking the parts within a heating system.

This job requires qualification, certification and a portable water pumping station - powerflushing machine, that isn't DIY task. It might take up to a day to compete. Pumping station blasts clean water through the parts of a heating system cleaning out the slimy residue, which improves efficiency and lifespan of the heating devices weather it is a boiler or a radiator. 

Our Green Star expert central-heating engineers have over fifteen years of experience working with heating systems and are fully qualified and gas safe licences to fix any issue you have with any element of the heating system in your house, or business premises.

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When this method is a good solution?

  • When you are installing a new boiler. Powerflushing is a must when you are installing a new boiler to the old pipes and radiators, for the best commissioning of a new device and ensuring the efficiency of the whole central heating apparatus. Either the whole system is given a "dynamic flush" when a new appliance is installed.

  • If the radiators do not heat evenly, part of it is cold and the other part is hot.

  • There is a black slime within the heating system (common error messages: "radiator removal", "failed heating pump" or " valve replacement"). One of the signs that powerflushing is needed is when the magnet attaches to the cooper pipe - the slimy residue within has a iron in it.

  • If the water circulation is poorer than it used to be in the same system.

  • The header tank is overflowing ( although that might happen during the wrong setting on the pump pressure and speed).

Plumber makes an assessment weather powerflushing is a right solution by examining the heating system visually and by testing the PH levels and the overall chemical landscape of the water circulating in a system. Sometimes the residue causes breaking or malfunctioning of the parts of the device, in this case a powerflushing is a first step in making the central heating work properly, after the cleaning procedure the failed parts are to be replaced.